Depression in 2020

Creating this video and sharing it is
FAR outside of my comfort zone.
But I think it’s important to show you
that depression is an invisible battle
& it can look many different ways.
You can’t always know what someone is going through
with just a glance.

Depression in 2020:

weight loss. weight gain. 

tears. sobs. 

asking for help. 

feeling too much. feeling nothing at all. 

therapy. doctor appointments. testing.

days I could smile.

days I put makeup on.

deep exhaustion.

treatment resistant depression. 

one step forward. two steps back.

inability to get out of bed.

panic attacks.

constant medication changes.

side effects. withdrawal. 

intrusive thoughts. suicidal ideation. a close call. 

inner strength.

electroconvulsive therapy.


transcranial magnetic stimulation.

ketamine infusions. 

fighting with insurance companies. 

high deductibles. stacks of medical bills. 

hopelessness. anxiety.

ER visits. 

activated trauma. dissociation. 

healing. growth. 

advocacy. fighting the stigma.

support. kindness. thoughtfulness. 

not giving up.

Be well, be kind, good riddance 2020.

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