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TMS is for fighters

My depression is not improving so I’m starting another round of TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation). Certain parts of your brain sort of stop working properly when you’re depressed. […] TMS sends electromagnetic pulses through your skull into specific parts of your brain and stimulates the part that isn’t working, like physical therapy for your brainContinue reading “TMS is for fighters”


It’s easy to reflect on the past year and think you haven’t accomplished much (especially during a pandemic), but as I am reading my journal from 2021, I can clearly see that I showed up for myself more than I ever have. I reconnected with my intuition, learned how to show up for myself, andContinue reading “2021”


This is a video about my journey with ketamine infusion treatments for depression and anxiety.  I’ve wanted to create this video for awhile, but had talked myself out of it because I thought nobody would watch it. In November, a friend of mine told me, “You sharing your stories helps, and I wanted you toContinue reading “video”


Parenting with depression is tough. This morning I was in my van with tears streaming down my face as I was waiting to pick up my son from pre-k. I quickly wiped my eyes, got out to gather near the other parents, pretending to have my shit together even though I wasn’t wearing a braContinue reading “Parenting”


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I’m Cassie. I have I have Persistent Depressive Disorder (PDD) with Persistent Majority Depressive Episodes, PTSD, Treatment Resistant Depression and generalized anxiety disorder. This blog is most importantly for people who battle mental illness, but also for those trying to understand.

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