i’m ready

This summer I’ve been discussing with my team at the ketamine clinic about switching my infusions from every week to every two weeks. This is a major deal because I’ve had weekly infusions for over two years and the thought of having them less used to send me into a panic. After my infusion today my first thought was I’ve got this, I’m ready to thrive.

I’ve been saturated with mental health related appointments since 2019 and I’m getting back to a place where I don’t need them as frequently. It feels akin to learning how to walk again. I wonder who I am without all of these appointments because it is/was embedded in my identity.

To be honest, I knew I could heal once I was in a safe environment, but I didn’t think I would feel this empowered.

I didn’t do this alone, and there is still work to do but…

I’m different.

I’m stronger.

I’m ready.

Be well, be kind, do the work.

3 thoughts on “i’m ready

  1. I love this! It’s such great news. And I can relate to what a big change it is. There was a time, mostly about 2017 and 2018, when my life was essentially about therapy and little else. I had my regular therapist twice a week, plus cranio-sacral every two weeks (sometimes more) and my psychiatric nurse about every two to four weeks, and extra phone support from another therapist. Also for a while I saw a sex therapist, too. Now I have virtual therapy once a week but am thinking that maybe could be every two weeks. It’s a sweet thing (though confusing at first) to get all that time back.

    Just remember that progress is not always linear, and it’s okay if things are bumpy or you even slide back a little bit now and then. Maybe you won’t, or maybe you will, and either way, it’s okay. Your overall trajectory is so promising.

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