Recently the people closest to me have been having to remind me that my feelings are valid, that I’m not alone in this struggle, they encourage me to stay fierce and show up for myself. I mean it when I say I have the most incredible people in my life.

Because lately, it’s definitely been a struggle. Parenting, coparenting, personal growth.

I’ve been having intense nightmares that stay with me for hours, I lie awake in bed at random hours and cry. Yesterday my NP prescribed me a medication that can help. My body constantly feels tight, like someone is sitting on my lungs.

Crying almost feels like a game, always having to find a moment away from everyone else to have a mini breakdown.

I’ve had 2 hour-long appointments with my therapist. She reminded me that even though I’m struggling, I’m doing much better than I was a year ago.

Be well, be kind, thank you for being here.


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