feeling anger

Why didn’t anyone tell me that anger is a valid way to express feelings? That it could be anger and safe at the same time? Why am I 35 and just learning this now?

It feels like I have paused at this place in my healing, unable to continue on until I let myself genuinely feel anger. And I have a lot to be angry about.

It feels scary and uncomfortable at first, but it’s getting easier.

I scream sing in the car alone, vent to my friends, scream into pillows, write in my journal, and just sit with it.

I remind myself that I am in control of my anger.

Current read

It’s okay to be angry AND female? Huh.. who would have thought.

Be well, be kind, anger is valid

One thought on “feeling anger

  1. You can pay yourself on the back for learning this at 35. I think I’d turned 50 before I really understood that it was acceptable and allowable. So see, you’re precocious!

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