surviving distance learning

This morning I couldn’t get out of bed until after 10:00 and that was by Woody physically dragging me out.

Distance learning with Wren (6) is going to break me. She is such a special and spirited kid and I love her fiercely but she fights me on everything. I’m trying to extend compassion to her—I know that her entire world has changed and she’s just trying to make sense of it. She is also missing my family terribly.

We average about 10 assignments and 3 zoom meetings a day, and she will fight me on most of those. There are periods of time I’ve found she’s most productive (anytime before noon), so I’m ignoring my needs and everyone else’s in the house so I can get her homework completed and it almost always ends with one of us in tears.

My anxiety is at a level I know isn’t sustainable. Yesterday I locked myself in the bathroom and had an anxiety attack but had to pay attention to the time so I could get her to her next meeting.

Anytime I feel like I’m making progress with my mental health, I’m knocked back down. I went to bed crying and feeling passively suicidal and woke up that way too.

I’m not sure I can survive this pandemic.

2 thoughts on “surviving distance learning

  1. It’s so fucking hard! Especially with children who like to be in charge and/or need things to be their own idea. You are not alone. We fight similar battles with Miss E on the regular. Though, 3 synchronous meetings per day seems like A LOT for young elementary. Ugh. Everyone is just doing their best. That almost makes it worse, in my opinion, because I have so much empathy for the teachers that it makes it harder to advocate for my kids. This is mostly rambling to let you know I see you and how hard this is. ~Meredith

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