slow progress

journal entry 11/16

My mental health is forever a seesaw between depression and anxiety, and the only time I get relief from one of them is if the other side is too heavy. With depression, I wake up feeling like I’m already drowning and it takes most of my energy to hold myself together. When I wake up with anxiety, I am weighed down by a list of things I need to do while simultaneously feeling as though I will fail at all of them. Both are exhausting.

My depression has slowly gotten easier to manage these past 2 weeks. I started a new SSRI called Viibryd last week. On Thursday I will have my final TMS session. I am switching to having one ketamine infusion per week. I took 2 neuro-psych tests and find out the results next Tuesday. I am still fighting hard but it is getting a tiny bit easier everyday. All of this is progress.

Be well, be kind

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