Today I went from sobbing in bed in the afternoon, to swinging on our play-set with Tucker, and having a dance party with the girls in the evening. Why? Ketamine infusions.

Snuggling Ginny on the way to my appointment.

It’s more than that— it’s also weekly therapy, medication, support and encouragement from others, better sleep hygiene, and improving my relationship with food. But the infusions give me the extra boost I need to function “normally” with a brain that’s trying to kill me. Sometimes it feels like a night and day difference. It’s not perfect, but it’s significant in my healing journey.

Swinging with Tucker

This time last year I was hospitalized. I’ve fought hard to get to a healthier place.

As Wren was going back downstairs after our dance party she said, “my mom really rocks.”

I cannot even describe how good that felt.

Be well, be kind, dance

Ketamine infusion

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