depression is a liar.

I need to re-read this multiple times a day.

“The truth is that you can be struggling and still be loved.”

Sometimes I look at Jim and Woody when they’re distracted and contemplate why they are still by my side, fiercely and actively taking care of me. I look at my littles and wonder why their faces still light up when I walk into a room. I feel like I’m constantly failing them.

Some good things:

This morning I met my friend/massage therapist for a free massage because he wanted to help. When I got to my van I sat and cried for a little bit, it could have been the emotions triggered by the massage, I think that can happen? But I was also just really touched by his kindness. Thank you so much Dan.

My mom and spend time together just the two of us which hasn’t happened in months— we went to Kohl’s for some shopping— she bought me this incredible comfortable robe. I was also touched by her kindness and willingness to spent time with me even though I’m not enjoyable to be around.

cozy and tired

Be well, stay kind, vote.

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