After feeling my emotions so intensely for so long, I’ve recently started to feel kind of numb… but not in a negative way, more of a self-preservation way. I’m trying to keep things simple and avoid deep processing anything.

I’ve been working on getting back to basic self care– keeping up with personal hygiene, getting enough sleep, going for walks/hikes to move my body, reading, and playing board games. Setting my phone down and trying to focus on living in the moment with my kids and partners. Enjoy my favorite season.

My goal is to get back into DBT therapy (specifically for my eating disorder/body image issues). I’m waiting on a call back. I’m holding off on starting any new medication because of the side effects.

I know I have a lot of inner healing to do, but I’m okay with taking a little break from the intensity.

My friend Samantha designed and created this semi-colon keychain and dropped it off today. It says, “My story is not over” Thank you ❤

Be well, be kind, stay home.

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