Polyamorous relationships are hard. Monogamous relationships are hard. Relationships during a pandemic are hard. Focusing on relationships while parenting is hard. Navigating relationships while battling mental illness is hard.

Everything is okay now, but it’s been an emotional weekend at home with my partners. As an empathic person, I absorb the feelings and energy of everyone around me. Add depression and anxiety, and it feels like it’s taking longer for me to recover from the emotional intensity.

I’m trying to practice self-compassion but I am unbelievably hard on myself. I need to keep reminding myself that it’s okay to feel how I’m feeling in the moment. To be patient with myself as I process things at my own pace.

Today I got out of the house and spent a couple hours with one of my best friends on her birthday — we drank chai and wrapped ourselves in blankets as we sat in the back of our vehicles at a park.

I know I’m healing. It doesn’t take much to knock me down, but I get back up every time.

One day I’ll be able to smile with my eyes again.

Be well, be kind, love yourself

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