test results

I received my neuro-psych results today– the two tests I took were the MMPI-2 and the MCMI IV. Jim and Woody took the ABCL to gauge symptoms and difficulties that they noticed.

My primary diagnosis: Persistent Depressive Disorder with Persistent Major Depressive Episodes. This is also called Dysthymia. It’s basically long-term/chronic depression.

The symptoms of persistent depressive disorder are similar to those of major depression. In this disorder, the long duration is the key to the diagnosis, not the intensity of symptoms. While major depression often occurs in episodes, persistent depressive disorder is defined as more constant, lasting for years. 


Secondary: Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Somatic Symptom Disorder which means that I have a significant focus/thoughts/feelings about my physical symptoms (GI issues, headache).

She also said that I have significant unresolved issues with body image and eating problems and recommended that I start going to (online) group therapy at Melrose Place or The Emily Program.


None of this is a surprise. The words “persistent depression” plagues me — thinking this is going to linger no matter how hard I fight the episode.. it makes me feel hopeless. Like, what’s the point?

Why would my partners choose to stay with me?

Will I ever be able to make my kids happy?

Will I ever have long-term relief?

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