Today feels heavy—tomorrow probably will too. My brain is still so sick, the state of our nation is even more so.

On days like today I wonder if all I’m doing is taking and draining resources from people who can actually be helped.

I’m barely sleeping. It could be could be a side effect of the TMS, or medication changes, or stress and depression… I’m restless and wake myself up at least 5 times a night. Often times I have to get out of bed and walk around or sleep on the couch for a bit.

There is no time to rest during the day with distance learning. and my treatment schedule. Things seem so bleak right now.

Tomorrow I have therapy, TMS, and a ketamine infusion. I just need to make it another 12 hours.

3 thoughts on “Exhaustion

  1. My name is Angelica Soto ,
    I am new to you’re blog . You’re friend Jennifer Zukowski shared you’re story with us and I am here to support your journey . I will have you in my prayers and always here to listen . God has the most amazing power to help one thru storms . I wish you the best day ever and a well soon recovery. Life is beautiful don’t give up. . God is with you .

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