Jim and I are getting a divorce.

I’ve struggled with knowing what to write because it’s important to me to share my journey authentically... at the same time, I don’t want to villainize or disrespect him so publicly.

But always choosing compassion has a nasty side effect: I have disregarded and invalidated my own feelings for the benefit of another person.

As a child of divorce, I was aware of the challenging process that lies ahead.. but what what started off as an amicable separation has turned into much more pain and anger than I expected… more than I have ever let myself feel.

I’m going to do a completely radical thing: I’m going to sit with my anger without rushing through the discomfort.

I have a long road ahead of me as I cycle through the grieving process.

You have to trust your feelings and speak them. When your mind says one thing but your body says another—that’s miscommunication, dismemberment. This is about reunion. This is where you get your thoughts and actions—your mind and body— to work together. When you feel angry, used, afraid, don’t pretend to be otherwise. Tell the truth with all parts of you. There’s nothing wrong with how you feel, but there is something wrong with pretending otherwise. 

Glennon Doyle
A gift from my mom

Be well, be kind, break the cycle.

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