It’s been 36 hours since my last ketamine infusion and I’m still feeling good– I’m not starting random dance parties in our living room, or playing my ukulele– but I can play simple board games, I took the kids for a walk to pick up garbage in our neighborhood, went to Costco with my sister and the kids, and socialized with my lovely friend Bath-sheba who came over last night and made us Pad Thai for dinner.


I put my phone on my chest so I can listen to music during the infusion.

All hooked up.

I was so peaceful.


The first thing the tech does is fit this cap on my head.

The red thing in my mouth is a mouth guard which was actually really uncomfortable and made my mouth bleed.

The helmet that has the coil inside.


Ketamine is SO USEFUL for people who suffer from treatment resistant depression, so my doctor suggested using a compound ketamine nasal spray that I can have with me at home and it only costs $60. I’m still looking at the research but here is a quote about how it works:

Nerve fibers within the nasal cavity connect directly to the brain stem, thereby bypassing the blood-brain barrier. Ketamine nose spray delivers its active ingredients to the nerves, which “fast tracks” the drug into the brain.


I’ve been working hard with my TMS workbook.

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