Know My Name

I preordered this book in 2019, and it’s been sitting on my shelf unread until this week. This memoir by Chanel Miller is a tough book to be motivated to pick up. Her story of being raped by Brock Turner, the brutal aftermath that victims are put through, the legal process, the deep violation.. it’s visceral and gut-wrenching. She articulates so perfectly what I have felt for over 14 years.

This is also the same week that Bill Cosby was released from prison. Every time sexual assault is in the news it’s retraumatizing for victims— I sank inside of myself, I didn’t talk to anyone about it, I missed meals, I cried so much.. I forgot how to take up space.

My copy is underlined, annotated, and filled with sticky notes. Reading this book was simultaneously triggering and healing. I highly recommend it for victims of sexual assault, friends and family trying to understand, advocates who want systematic change, for everyone.

Be well, be kind, believe women

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