female bullshit

This morning I drove myself to Planned Parenthood to get my IUD removed and it was the second time since I almost drove myself off the road 2 weeks ago. Some studies have found that women using the Mirena (hormonal IUD) were more likely show signs of depression and anxiety. Also, I have period-like cramping more often than not, and I could never tell when my actual period was because my bleeding was so inconsistent. It’s also possible that the hormones are wearing off which could be completely debilitating.

Planned Parenthood saves the day again

My current (male) psychiatrist practically dismissed me when I brought up these concerns and it’s not the first time he has done this with me. I always feel like shit after I talk with him so I am looking to go back to my other psychiatrist that i’ve known for over 10 years. I had to stop seeing her a year ago because of my medical insurance changing.

I’m a complete mess today, I cannot stop crying. I cried through the entire appointment, the drive home, and on the phone with the nurses. My eyes are puffy, my head is hurting, I’m so fucking tired of not seeing lasting progress– how much harder can I fight!?!

Be kind, be well. xo

5 thoughts on “female bullshit

  1. I’m proud of you for taking care of yourself that way. I was only on the Mirena for 18 months after I had Isaac, but I am 100% that it attributed to PPD. It put me in a very dark place. I hope that removing it helps. Sending enormous hugs! It was great to see you last night.

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  2. I have never been able to tolerate hormonal birth control of any type. It made me cry every day (off it, I don’t even cry once a year—maybe also a problem??). Anyway, it’s probably wise for you to remove it, at least to see what difference it makes.

    Your male psychiatrist! Ugh! It’s just terrible that he dismisses your ideas or questions. And that you leave feeling worse—how is that doing his job? I hope you can go back to your earlier psychiatrist or at least to someone more compassionate and who listens.

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