Trigger warning: sexual assault

— Rupi Kaur

Last week in therapy, I created a map with at least 10 separate experiences of sexual trauma.

I was told at a young age that my dad was a rapist. I learned that sex was violent before it was beautiful.

At 21, I was raped by someone I didn’t know. The cop first asked me what I was wearing, was I flirting?

No, I was drugged.

I had a front row seat to justice not being served— even with evidence from a rape kit and witnesses, it still wasn’t enough for him to face any real consequences.

But I still told my truth in hopes that I could prevent future women from being attacked by him.

I hope my kids don’t have to experience the horrors that I did, but if they do, I will believe them without question.

That’s what I deserved.

Be well, be kind, trust women.

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