parenting during covid-19

Difficult morning.

Jim is a grocery buyer so we get a lot of free samples– the only coffee we had today was coffee with mushrooms and it’s absolutely not my thing. So I have a crazy caffeine headache. I also have a 6 year old that has been refusing breakfast because she all of a sudden decides she no longer loves blueberries, and doesn’t want to do distance learning today. It’s not easy for her — I get it, but oh my goodness I am so frustrated. Thankfully her DAPE teacher cheered her up and now I am finally sitting down at 11:20 for the first time today.

While all of this craziness is happening, my three year old is a human bulldozer and has completely destroyed most of the living room. So i’m also working on this cleaning up the best I can.

Parenting during COVID-19, navigating distance learning, and having a mental illness is fucking hard. My sister moved out and I think we need to hire a babysitter. I want to be a good parent, I constantly feel like I’m failing them.

But they are one of the only reasons that I’m able to not give up on my life.

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