Hold it together

I felt ok this morning, excited to share the news about TMS. Then I took Wren to get Botox injections on her arms, legs, and foot, which requires her to be under nitrous. I hold her hand and put on a brave face so she can remain calm.

Getting ready for Botox

After the appointment was over, we rushed to our next appointment with a PT and seating specialist to see if getting her a wheelchair will be useful— all 3 doctors in the room were 100% on board with it. I had to excuse myself from the room ( my mom was with us), and go into the hallway to cry. I hate that life is going to be so hard for her. But she absolutely loved the wheelchair and can’t wait to get one of her own.

Sample wheelchair

We went to lunch afterwards to celebrate how brave she was, and I could feel myself slipping again. My energy was complexly drained, so much so that Jim had to help me put Wren in her car seat because I felt like I couldn’t. So I’m in bed again, hiding under the covers, so frustrated with myself that I can’t even get a full 48 hours of relief. disappointed that my night with Woody will not go as planned.

I’m so over this.

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