good news!

Last night at 9:45pm I received an email from my psychiatrist saying that he pushed my TMS through insurance and I can start immediately. Today I am bringing Wren to the children’s hospital for Botox so I had to schedule the first appointment for Monday. Thereafter I will be receiving TMS 5 times a week.

He will also set me up with the “TMS workbook” which is an online course that follows each session of TMS with CBT tools, structure for focusing on health, wellness, nutrition and goal setting. He says that it’s an excellent resource they include for free and patients have much improved outcomes if they pair this with their TMS sessions and rigorously work it every day— and I’m no stranger to rigorous work.

Since TMS takes a couple weeks to see the effects, I will still be able to do ketamine infusions.

I’m feeling really good about all the pieces coming together— even though it’s taken over a year.

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