getting out of bed

This is where I’m at this morning—I’ve been googling ‘why can’t I get out of bed when I have depression’ trying to find a reason that will satisfy others so they can understand— and not just think I’m being lazy. I had a fitful night of sleep and I’ve been awake for hours. Jim and the littles came into bed and it was very overwhelming— the sound, the touch, the smells, the bright lights— it was too much.

Jim invited me to do errands with him while I stay in the car and he even bribed me with stopping at a coffee shop— I said ok and then a couple minutes later I started crying because I just couldn’t get out of bed.

Today my goals are:

1) get out of bed

2) stay out of the hospital

3) art journal and write down all of the thoughtful and kind messages people have been sending me.

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