4th day crash

I had a really great 3 days after my last infusion—feeling simultaneously hopeful and skeptical. I was checking off tasks from my to do list, being social, saying yes to more things.. but yesterday morning I started crashing again and it feels pretty devastating.

I had a 90 minute appointment with my new physiatrist from The Remedy. He was confidence inspiring, was clearly very knowledgeable, and went with the flow as both Woody and Jim were popping in to help fill the gaps (which there were a lot of) so he could get a more complete history of my medications. And just like every doctor I’ve talked with this year, he was shocked at how many medications I was taking daily.

So the plan so far is to wean off Pristique (antidepressant), start taking Klonopin for my anxiety, and adding a couple more supplements— vitamin d and fish oil.

Since I crashed (crying, sudden onset of exhaustion, sensory overload) after the appointment, Jim and Woody thought getting an additional ketamine infusion would be a good idea, so we on our way to drop the kids off at my mom’s, and Woody is taking me to the infusion. We were expecting the 10 day crash, but of course, my depression is stubborn as hell.

Dr. Sawyer said we can pursue TMS if the Ketamine isn’t enough. We only have enough funds for this last Infusion so I’m thinking TMS will be the smarter option because it’s covered by insurance.

One thought on “4th day crash

  1. Sending you SO much love! I’ve started taking Vitamin D too, it’s so good for so many things and we simply don’t get enough of it here in MN. I know it might not feel like it when you crash happens, but you ARE making progress!

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