Woke up feeling groggy and low energy which is normal after infusions and will hopefully dissipate tomorrow. I spent the morning filling out intake paperwork for my new doctor which was difficult because my brain isn’t functioning normally because of ECT and I have a long history of mental illness.

I took a nap and woke up with intense anxiety, so I took my PRN and worked on a jigsaw puzzle until I felt better. I’m feeling anxious about my anxiety coming back— the only time when it’s easy to manage is when my depression is bad. It’s like a seesaw of mental illness.

I ended my day with some self-care and went to a hair salon for a cut. Ate dinner with the guys, read Harry Potter to Wren (we’re halfway through the first book), and worked on editing my blog. Goodnight xo

new hair cut + smile (it’s been awhile)

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